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Adori helps creators, publishers, and brands deliver enhanced audio experiences, simplify distribution, maximize monetization, and access deep consumption insights.

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Adori Labs

About Adori

What does Adori do?

Adori modernizes audio to deliver new experiences and generate unprecedented insights via technology that enables the embedding of interactive elements into the audio content without changing the format or sacrificing quality. This is a game-changer as the era of lean back consumption makes way for popular new media formats such as social stories, voice-enabled interactive experiences and augmented reality. This trend is led by Gen Z and Millennials demanding more from their “always-on” smart devices at home, work and in-transit. The same influential demographic is also driving the resurgence in audio consumption for entertainment, education, and information. Audio can therefore no longer afford to be “default passive” and must take advantage of this opportunity to stay relevant, increase listener delight, and unlock new value. Adori enables this transformation for any audio across any distribution to offer enhanced and actionable content experiences. A 2-minute explainer video focused on the Adori’s recently launched application for the podcast market can be viewed at tiny.cc/AdoriVideo

Under the hood, Adori’s unique technology has already received 4 US patents with several more in various stages of approval. The platform connects the core interactive audio capability with powerful techniques such as AI, natural language processing and keyword recognition, as well as relevant 3rd party tools. However, it is Adori’s simple design that allows users to quickly elevate their audio by combining complete human creative control as well as intelligent automation within their current media workflows. This enables significant productivity gains and value creation to all stakeholders:

- Creator and publisher customers are empowered with brand new storytelling capabilities to augment their content, far-reaching publishing and distribution tools, multiple revenue strategies, and detailed consumption data. 

- Platform and brand partners benefit from providing actionable and monetizable content experiences to maximize click-throughs and purchases, and better decision making from in-depth performance analytics around impressions and attribution. 

- Consumers of “Adorified” audio delivered by Adori’s customers and partners can actively engage with interactive contextual actions both while listening or after, via one-tap access to relevant links, social feeds, polls, purchase options and more.

In August 2019 Adori introduced an end-to-end podcasting application built on its platform. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and already several leading podcasters and networks run on Adori. As part of this launch, Adori published its thoughts on why interactive podcasts are a great example of the future of audio content. Read this at tiny.cc/AdoriBlog. Demos of popular podcast snippets presented in Adori’s interactive audio can be experienced at tiny.cc/AdoriWebDemo, and a reference podcast app that showcases these and more interactive content from Adori customers can be downloaded at tiny.cc/AdoriApp. The platform will soon offer these capabilities to transform live-streaming, music, broadcast, and enterprise content. The roadmap also includes exciting new features to compose and deliver imaginative audio-driven experiences on intelligent assistant and mixed-reality powered surfaces. Adori is headquartered in Silicon Valley, is backed by global investors and led by serial entrepreneurs and a strong team with relevant media product, business and technical experience at companies such as Arris, NASA, NextVR, GoBackTV, and several startups.

The Team

Founders of

Adori Labs

Kartik Parija

Kartik Parija


18 years of product, entrepreneurship and investing ex-Cofounder and GP, Zephyr Peacock Fund Media & Data Engineering at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab.

Nathan Iyer

Nathan Iyer


20 years of engineering, entrepreneurship and product ex-Cofounder and CTO, Ivivi Technologies Media, DSP & Hardware Engineering at Arris, GoBackTV, RFMD.

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