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GreyAtom is an educational technology company, specialising in industry-relevant programs in emerging technologies. The programs train learners beyond theory, focusing strongly on acquiring knowledge through application and practice.

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Mumbai, India
Educational Technology
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About GreyAtom

What does GreyAtom do?

GreyAtom was born from a vision of becoming a bridge between learners and the industry, especially in the space of emerging tech. The founding principle has always been to create quality content and an accessible educational platform for deserving learners, in order for them to establish themselves in the industry with fulfilling careers.

In order to serve learners best, the product offering has always been highly relevant and agile, changing ahead of the curve - both in content and delivery. Semi-structured programs are mentored by a carefully curated network of industry experts, each with hands-on expertise in real-time environments.

Today, the methodology has paid dividends with past learners flourishing in future-forward companies, and a solid bank of hiring partners always looking forward to the next batch of GreyAtom learners. 

The Team

Founders of


Mitul Thakkar

Mitul Thakkar


Before Mitul became the successful serial entrepreneur of today, he worked with global brands like Yahoo! and AMD in Silicon Valley.

His strengths lie in being able to take an idea from concept to reality in realistic and business terms. At his core, Mitul is a product person with all that product development entails: building customer-centric experiences, putting together a motivated team, and making sure dreams and business goals align seamlessly.

Nothing interests Mitul more than nurturing people and ideas to their best potential, and he mentors several accelerators and entrepreneurs, in addition to scaling GreyAtom to new heights.

Shweta Doshi

Shweta Doshi

Chief Learning Officer

After leading teams in top tier technology companies in India and globally, and experiencing the challenges of hiring the right people firsthand, elevating the level of education in technology is at the core of Shweta’s mission.

Currently, she focuses on pioneering learning programs which contain content that is relevant to the industry and responsive to changes as they happen. Shweta crafts the perfect learning experiences for learners, ensuring that outcomes are delivered through a critical blend of immersion, intensive training and expert mentoring.

Mayuresh Shilotri

Mayuresh Shilotri


Co-founder of Customer360 prior to GreyAtom, Mayuresh drives the marketing strategy of GreyAtom with an expert hand.

An alumnus of IIT Madras, Mayuresh’s strength lies in using off-the-cuff thinking to create rewarding and rich learning experiences. He excels at being able to channel the explosive creativity of a startup environment into streamlined business processes, while mentoring and motivating a diverse team to propel GreyAtom forward by realising their individual peak potential. 

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